BIS hallmark license

What is BIS hallmark license?

There is no denying that Gold holds a special place in the heart of jewelry lovers. In today’s world, even the jewelry has not been spared and is suffering from spurious substances and other mixing substances. To overcome this, BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) has come up with the BIS Hallmark License for gold and silver jewelry.

All the glitters are not gold and that is true. Many buyers are not aware of the quality of gold. Hence, Sellers try to mislead their customers with low-quality jewelry. BIS Hallmark is a system that helps you to determine the quality of gold and silver. It is a certification mark issued by the BIS (Bureau of Indian standards). The certification given by this body called BIS Hallmark License certificate determines that a piece of gold conforms to the standards set up by BIS. In simple words, hallmark certification is to inform the consumers about the purity of gold and silver jewelry being purchased by them.

BIS hallmark license for gold jewelry consists of several components: BIS logo, Purity of gold either on of 22K916 and corresponding to the 22 carats, or the 20K833 corresponds to 20 carats, 18K750 i.e. corresponding to 18 carats and 14K585 corresponding to 14 carats, Logo of assaying Centre, Code/logo of the jeweler. One must note that BIS (Bureau of Indian standards) hallmark certification for both gold and silver came into existence at different time periods.BIS hallmark license certification for silver was introduced five years after the system of gold has been introduced. The hallmark certification system for silver was also a successful one and can be said even more successful than Gold.

BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) is an authorized agency in India for the issue of the BIS hallmark certificate. The complete process and regulations of hallmark certification are governed under the BIS Act, Rules and regulations

BIS Hallmark License of Gold is not a very old concept in India. It began in April 2000. Under this system the governing specifications are the IS 1417 (includes grades of gold and gold alloys, jewelry/Artefacts), IS 1418 (it does the assaying of gold in bullion, Gold alloys, and gold jewelry/Artefacts), and also includes IS2 2790 (Guidelines for manufacturer of 23, 22, 21, 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 14 and 9 carat Gold alloys), IS 3095 (Gold solders for use in manufacture of jewelry).

BIS hallmark is a symbol of trust for the jewelry customers as it is mandatory to keep the quality control for managing quality as specified in the BIS Scheme for the holder of BIS hallmark license for gold jewelry. The hallmark registration is granted on gold and silver jewelry products after the inspection by the BIS lab at the Regional Centre.

Benefits for BIS hallmark license & certification

  1. It assures the customer about the quality of jewelry product

  2. Trust in jewelry/precious stone

  3. Customer satisfaction

  4. Increase the growth of the business

  5. Legal protection against violation of rules and regulation

Documents for BIS hallmark license certification

  1. Company Registration certificate

  2. Proof of business premises for the jewelers

  3. Identity proof of the applicant

  4. Duly signed BIS certification application

  5. Payment of the required BIS hallmark license fees

  6. Signing the agreement as per stated in the specified format

Process for BIS Hallmark certification

1. Prepare the Documents for BIS Registration

2. Agreement preparation on stamp paper of INR 100 in a prescribed format

3. Fill the application form for BIS Hallmark

4. Pay the required fee for BIS application processing

5. The inspection will be carried by the BIS inspector

6. On successful inspection, hallmark certification will be issued.

After the issuance of hallmark certification, the jeweler is restricted to follow the terms and conditions mentioned in the agreement between the Applicant and BIS (Bureau of Indian standards). In case any fault in the purity of gold or any faulty business operation against the mentioned requirement is found then it may lead to the cancellation of the BIS Hallmark license. Or legal penalties or proceedings may also be implemented by the BIS registration authority.

Hallmark registration fee

A hallmark registration fee is based on the turnover in place population.

Turnover up to Rs. 5 cr – Rs.7500

Turnover between Rs.5 cr to Rs.25 cr – Rs.15000

Turnover between Rs.25 cr to Rs.100 cr – Rs.40000

Turnover above Rs.100 cr – Rs.80000

Resolve your Queries

1. What is Hallmark?

Hallmarks are basically the official marks used as a guarantee of purity or fineness of precious metals in many countries. In India, Two precious metal gold and silver have been brought under the range of hallmarking. It certifies that the piece of jewelry conforms to the set of standards implemented by BIS (Bureau of Indian standards).

2. What is the objective behind the hallmarking scheme?

To safeguard the consumer against the victimization due to irregular quality of gold & silver and to develop India as a leading center of the gold market in the world also to increase export competitiveness.

3. What is the benefit of hallmark to the customer?

It provides third-party assurance and satisfaction to the customers that they get the right purity of gold and silver for the given price.

4. What is the process for hallmark certification?

  1. Prepare documents for hallmark certification

  2. Preparation of Agreement on stamp paper of INR 100/-

  3. Fill the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standard) hallmark application form.

  4. Pay the required fees for Hallmark license

  5. After that, an inspection will be done by the BIS inspector.

  6. If inspection will be successful, hallmark certification will be issued.

5. What are the documents required for hallmark certification?

  1. Company registration certificate

  2. Proof of business premises of the jeweler

  3. Identity proof of the applicant

  4. Duly signed BIS application of Hallmark

  5. Payment of required hallmark license fees

  6. Signing the agreement as per the specified format.

6. How will it benefit the jewelers?

  1. Increases the business growth

  2. Customer satisfaction

  3. Trust in jewelry or precious stones

  4. Quality assurance for the jewelry product

  5. Legal protection against breaking the terms of law or agreement.

7. How much does it cost to get a gold article hallmarked?

Rs. 35 will be charged per article. Minimum charges per consignment are Rs. 200 excluding the service tax and other taxes that are applicable shall be charged extra.

8. How much does it cost to get a silver article hallmarked?

Rs. 25 will be charged per article. Minimum charges per consignment are Rs. 150 excluding the service tax and other taxes that are applicable shall be charged extra.

9. How many types of Hallmark are there in Gold?

BIS (Bureau of Indian standards) hallmark for gold jewelry consist of several components- The BIS logo, Three-digit number, indicating the gold purity in part- per-thousand format 958, 916, 875, 833, 792, 750, 667, 708, 585, 375

10. Who operates the hallmarking scheme?

This scheme is operated by BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) through its network of branch offices all over the country. According to this scheme, the license is granted to jewelry for the certification of purity of gold or silver in accordance with IS 1417.

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