ISI Mark Registration

What is ISI Mark Registration?

ISI Mark Registration is considered the most recognized sign of the quality of the India subcontinent. It is a sign of better quality that signifies that the product having an ISI mark complies with all the quality and safety standards and also safe for human consumption. Companies need to get their products certified for ISI Mark so that they could provide the best quality products to their customers to satisfy their needs as well as to win their confidence.

ISI (Indian standards Institution) is a body set up under BIS (Bureau of Indian standards), formulated under the Indian constitution. It is a certification for industrial items in India. A body was set up at the time when India gained the freedom to create standards needed for profitable growth and maintaining quality in Industries production. However, after functioning for a couple of decades the Indian government decided to bring a lot of changes in their standardization system. Hence, the new body came in the year 1986 for the standardization of Indian industrial products which was called BIS (Bureau of Indian standards).

The newly formed BIS (Bureau of Indian standards) took over ISI (Indian standards Institution). Since then it is doing a great job. BIS (Bureau of Indian standards) have also shifted their objectives from testing to industrial products to satisfy the consumers and also undertake various quality certification activities. You should also note that BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) has established a chain of laboratories at various places all over the country in order to test the conformity of certified products. To test the conformity to the standards regular monitoring and inspection of the products manufacturing process, testing of samples drawn from the factory as well as the market is done.

BIS (Bureau of Indian standard) has played a vital role in the establishment of ISO (International Organization for standards) and also conducts seminars and other events regularly for the benefit of consumers. The ISI Mark Registration is mandatory to certify the items that are to be sold in India. In the same way electrical appliances like electric motors, wiring cables, Kitchen appliances, Heaters, switches and so on also the other items like LPG cylinders, it is voluntary to put an ISI Mark.

Benefits for ISI Mark Registration & ISI Mark Certification

  1. Increase customer satisfaction

  2. In case the customer is unsatisfied with the quality of the product. Then the company selling the product will exchange the product with the new one.

  3. The mark helps every customer to get the best quality of product

  4. If any customer finds that product is of bad quality then he/she has a right to take any action against the manufacturer of the product

  5. ISI mark also helps the manufacturers and owners of the product to increase their business.

The registration process of ISI (Indian standard Institution)

1. Choose the product Code

Firstly, you have to select the product quality as prescribed in the Indian standard institute then identify the ISI standard code for your product.

2. Fill the application form

After choosing the product code, you have to fill the registration application form. Also, attach the necessary documents with your application form. Pay the fees as required for the inspection and certification of your factory premises.

3. Inspection of Factory premises

On the successful submission of application form inspection team and person authorized by the government will visit the physical site for inspection. They will take some samples of your product for testing in BIS approved lab.

4. Collect the test report

Get the report of the lab test done by the inspection team and submit it to the BIS.

5. Issuance of ISI Registration certificate

After proper verification of the testing report and application form, BIS (Bureau of Indian standards) will issue the registration certificate.

Documents required for ISI Mark Registration

  1. Telephone bill, electricity bill

  2. Bank statement

  3. Aadhar card of directors of the company

  4. Copy of test reports

  5. In case the business premises in rented then the copy of rent agreement

  6. List of manufacturing machinery

  7. Receipt of property tax

  8. Registration certificate of the company

  9. Voter ID card


ISI refers to Indian standard institution. It is a certification for industrial items in India. This body was set up when India gained the freedom to create standards needed for orderly profitable growth and maintaining quality in industries production. Registration of this mark is mandatory for the manufacturers of products. A product having an ISI Mark Registration ensures the customer that the product is safe to use. It gives assurance that the product is of good quality. It also helps to maintain a good relationship between the customer and the manufacturer.

Resolve your Queries

1. What is the full form of ISI?

ISI stands for Indian Standard Institute.

2. Who will grant ISI Mark?

ISI Mark will be granted by BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards)

3. What is the validity of the period of the License?

The validity period id license will be initially 1 year.

4. What is ISI Mark?

ISI is a certification mark for industrial products as well as the most popular and recognized certification mark in India. This mark ensures that a particular product confirms to the Indian Standards that are mentioned by the Indian Standard Institute.

5. Where can I use the ISI mark?

ISI stands for Indian standard Institute. It was established to create standards for industrial growth and maintaining quality in industrial production. It provides a certification mark that is an ISI mark for the industrial products in India.

6. How can I get ISI Mark?

ISI Mark is issued to a product after it has been properly verified by an approved laboratory of BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards). In this process, the applicant is required to submit the filled application form along with the documents and the fee which is demanded to the branch office.

7. What are the benefits of the ISI mark?

  1. The quality and standard of products having ISI mark are set up as this mark is issued after the proper verification.

  2. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the product having ISI mark on it then the company will give a new product in return to it.

  3. If the product is of bad quality then the action can be taken against the manufacturer.

8. What is the function of ISI?

The main objective of ISI is to lay down the product standards for the consumer as well as industrial goods. A producer who wants to adopt a standard for his product has to get a license from ISI under its marking scheme.

9. What are the Documents required for ISI Registration?

  1. Address proof (business registration certificate/certificate of incorporation)

  2. Authority letter from Directors

  3. Details of fee payment ( DD with photo/ NEFT Details)

  4. Trademark application/ Trademark certificate (if applied) as proof for the brand name of the product.

  5. Test report of the product.

  6. Form VI which is copy generated online ( signed and sealed by an applicant)

10. Why should you take the Certification of management system from BIS?

BIS (Bureau of Indian standards) have a well-qualified as well as trained auditors. These technically competent people and experts will help you improve the quality of products and services, therefore, increase market shares.

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