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What is FSSAI Registration & the procedure to apply for it?

What is the FSSAI Registration?

FSSAI has been enforced beneath the food safety and customary act, 2006 shaped within the Indian National Constitution as a ruling body for birthing down science-based standards for articles of food regulation, producing, processing, distributing sales and import of food to confirm that the food provided to the shoppers is safe for human consumption. It additionally helps to border the rules to put down pointers associated standards by specifying an applicable system of imposing numerous standards.

Food safety and customary authority is the main administrative unit for all businesses associated with food in India. FSSAI Registration is important for beginning any food business. All the traders, makers and restaurants concerned within the business should get a fourteen digit FSSAI license number. As per the govt rules and rules, FSSAI on-line registration is obligatory for all businesses associated with food.

The food safety and customary authority of India have its head workplace in Delhi. This act additionally aims to ascertain one purpose of reference for all food safety and customary matter by changing Multi department management to one-line command.

There area unit principally three sorts FSSAI license Central license, state license and also the third one FSSAI registration area unit for petty food retailers.

Procedure for FSSAI registration

1. FSSAI registration is initiated by filling Form A and submitting it to the food and safety department.

2. This application may be accepted or rejected by the food and safety department within 7 days from the application date and the reason would be intimated to the applicant in writing.

3. If the application is accepted then the food and safety department will grant the registration certificate with the registration number and photograph of the applicant.

Documents required for FSSAI Registration

1. Form B complete and should be signed

2. Photo identity of Food business operator (FBO)

3. Possession of premises proof (eg. Rental Agreement)

4. Certificate of Incorporation/Partnership Deed/Articles of Association etc.

5. Food safety management system plan

6. List of food products that have to be dealt

The validity of the FSSAI license certificate

FSSAI license is valid for 1-5 years as per the registration by the food entrepreneurs. In case of expiry of the FSSAI license, an applicant is required to file the FSSAI renewal application at least 30 days before the expiry of the FSSAI license. If an entrepreneur applies for renewal after the expiration of the FSSAI license, a penalty will be imposed on the existing license.

FBO should prominently display the registration certificate at the business place and during the business hours.

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