NSIC Registration

NSIC Registration

The government of India is the largest buyer of a variety of products. It always underlines the small-scale sector to uplift and promote their business and also to increase purchases from small-scale industries. NSIC (National Small Industries Corporation) registers these small and micro-enterprises under SPRS (single point Registration scheme) to allow these enterprises to participate in the government purchase program.

NSIC helps to promote and foster the growth of MSME businesses in India by operating various schemes like single point registration for government purchase, performance and credit Rating scheme, Marketing Support for small industries and more.

Eligibility for NSIC Registration

  1. All Micro and small entities who are registered with the Director of Industries(DI) or registered with District Industries Centers(DIS).

  2. As service or manufacturing enterprises or having Acknowledgement of Entrepreneurs memorandum are eligible for the registration of NSIC under its SPRS (Single point registration scheme).

  3. MSEs who have already commenced their commercial production but haven’t completed one year. A provisional Registration certificate is issued to such MSEs under SPRS (single point registration scheme) with the limit of 5 lakh. The provisional certificate issued is valid from one year from the date of issue.

Documents required for NSIC Registration

  • List of raw material and finished goods in stock

  • Copy of latest electricity bill

  • Self-attested copy of ownership documents of the premises or copy of lease deed

  • Audited balance sheet

  • Partnership deed

  • Details of plant & machinery and raw material with the original purchase price.

  • Form A from the registrar of firms showing the names of partners.

  • Certificate of incorporation

  • Declaration/Certificate from partners/proprietor/Director whether they have a link with a large scale unit or not.

  • Copy of PAN.

  • Statement showing the result of an operation for the last 3 years signed by CA under his seal

Benefits of NSIC Registration

  1. The issue of NSIC Tender is free of cost.

  2. Exemption from payment of earnest money deposit.

  3. It participates in the bulk purchase program of the government

  4. Advance proclamation of tenders issued by DGS&D.

  5. Issue of competency certificate if the value of an order exceeds the monetary limit.

  6. Help in export marketing of small- scale industries products.

  7. Help in up-gradation and the development of technology and also in the implementation of modernization programs of small-scale industries.

Registration procedure for NSIC

Both the manufacturing and service provider enterprise having MSME and Udyog Aadhar registration are eligible for NSIC Registration. In order to obtain registration enterprises consisting of MSME and Udyog Aadhar registration can apply online by simply submitting an application at one of the NSIC Offices.

After submitting the application, for completing technical inspection NSIC then forwards the application to branch, sub-branch office nearest to the applicant. On receiving the inspection report, Registration is granted to the MSME unit.

Registration charges

NSIC Registration charges depend upon the complete turnover of business according to the latest audited financial statements.

Micro-enterprise having less than Rs.1 crore turnover charged a fee of INR 3000 whereas, the small enterprise having a turnover of less than Rs.1 crore charged a fee of INR 5000.

Micro enterprises having more than Rs.1 crore turnovers are charged a fee of Rs.3000 plus Rs.1500 for each crore of additional turnovers Whereas, Small enterprises are charged a fee of Rs.5000 plus Rs.2000 for each crore of additional turnovers.

Resolve your queries

1. What Is the NSIC Registration?

NSIC (National Small Industries Corporation), the main aim of this corporation is to promote the products of Micro and Small Entrepreneurs. In order to promote the small and medium entrepreneurs, a scheme has been launched known as Tender marketing scheme.

2. What are the benefits of NSIC Registration?

  1. Issue of tender free of cost

  2. Exclusion of payment of EMD (Earnest Money Deposit

  3. 358 Items are reserves specifically for exclusion purchase from SSI sector.

  4. Every Departments/Central Ministers/PSUs shall purchase a minimum of 20% of the total annual purchase of goods and services that are provided by MSEs. 4% is earmarked for units owned by schedule Tribes/Scheduled Caste.

Who is eligible to get registered with NSIC?

Micro and Small enterprises are eligible to get registered with NSIC.

4. What are the documents required for NSIC Required NSIC Registration?

  1. Copy of latest electricity bill

  2. Self-attested copy of ownership documents

  3. Details of plants, machinery and raw material with the genuine and original purchase price.

  4. Copy of PAN card (permanent account number)

  5. Audited balance sheet

  6. Certificate from the director/partner whether they have any link with a large scale unit or not.

5. What is the validity period for registration?

The registration certificate granted under SPRS shall be valid for 2 years. The renewal of the new registration certificate can be done after 2 years by verifying the technical competence and continuous commercial of registered MSEs in manufacturing the stores for which the registration was granted.

6. Can drugs and medicines manufacturing units be considered under SPRS?

No, NSIC does not register MSEs engaged in the manufacturing of drugs and medicines.

7. Do NSIC issue a provisional GP registration certificate to the small & micro-enterprise? If yes what are the criteria for it

Yes, NSIC issues a provisional GP registration certificate to those who have started the production but not having the audited balance sheet for the last one year.

8. What are the fees required for NSIC Registration?

A small enterprise having a turnover of less than 1 crore has to pay the fees of Rs. 5000 in addition to Rs. 2000 for each crore of additional turnover. The total registration fee would not be more than Rs. 1 lakh.

9. Can traders be registered under SRPS?

No, NSIC does not register traders.

10. What are the disadvantages of NSIC?

Following are the disadvantages of NSIC

  1. Costly

  2. Time-consuming

  3. Complex process

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